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Welcome to AP Psychology at South Dade Senior High School

Welcome to AP psychology. These pages are dedicated to your understanding of the constituent concepts and nature the field of psychology. Navigation through this sites pages and continuous usage of its resources are necessary for your understanding understanding of the subject in order to be successful in this course and on the AP test on Monday May 4, 2015. This site should be visited on a regular basis as it contains all of the necessary materials for students to be successful in this course during the 2014-2015 school year.

Please use the navigation tools on the left to access the pages and content specific to each unit and chapter. Each page is numbered to correspond with the chapter in the book and given a descriptive title of the pages content. This numeration is not indicative of the order of the course. Order and organization for the will be based upon the course syllabus and agendas. Links to those documents can be found in the important document section listed below.

How to study

Below is a link to a series of YouTube videos designed to help you improve your study habits. These videos are scientifically and psychologically researched to maximize your ability to retain information.
Part 1: Beliefs that make you fail... or succeed
Part 2: What students should understand about how people learn
Part 3; Cognitive Principles for optimized learning
Part 4: Putting principles for learning into practice
Part 5: I blew the exam, Now what?

Course Podcasts

The podcasts have been created in order to create lecture material that better serves the students and frees up class time for more interactive and engaging activities that will improve student learning. With the ubiquity of devices for the playing of audio it is a reasonable assumption that all students will have the equipment necessary to listen to the podcasts. Any students who do not have the media players please contact me ASAP so that arrangements can be made. Podcasts will be a mandatory homework assignment. Below are listed a variety of ways to access the podcast
Chapter 1 podcasts
1.1 Defining Psychology
1.2 History of Psychology
2.1 Scientific method in psychology
2.2 True experiments
2.3 descriptive studies
2.4 Statistics
3.1 Neurons
3.2 Nervous system
3.3 Endocrine/ Genetics
4.1 Psychophysics
4.2 Vision
4.3 Hearing
4.4 other senses
5.1 Consciousness and sleep
5.2 Hypnosis and Meditation
5.3 Drugs
9.1 Physical development
9.2 Stages of development

8.1 Cognition
8.2 Language
8.3 Intelligence and testing
6.1 Classical Conditioning
6.2 Operant Conditioning
6.3 Other Learning
7.1 Memory models
7.2 Retrieval and forgetting
7.3 Improving memory
10.1 Motivation types
10.2 Motivation examples
10.3 Emotions
12.1 Trait theory of personality
12.2 Psychoanalytic theory of personality
12.3 Modern theories of personality
15.1 Abnormal Psychology
15.2 Disorders
16.1 Therapy
16.2 types of therapy
13.1 Social Psychology
13.2 Groups
13.3 Prejudice and love
Podcasts on iTunes click the link below:

Course Content and Important Documents

Psychology is the scientific study of the behavior and the mind. Thus, over the course of this school year we will explore concepts related to these ideas including: motivation, emotion, sleep, learning, memory, problem solving, personality, sensation and perception, abnormal behavior and its treatment and a variety of other topics.